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Coloured Sands 

Beautiful, vibrant, top quality, hand coloured sand.


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We provide beautiful, flowing, vibrant sand  for your sand ceremony, home décor or gifts.   We buy excellent grade sand and colour it ourselves.  

You can choose from our large range of Jars and purchase all the sand you need for your ceremony together.  

If you want to add that little extra bling to some or all of the colours, the optional added sparkle is bright, fun and gorgeous. 

With so many colours to choose from, the choice can be difficult. Ring Theresa for a free phone consultation on colour matching and quantities required for your ceremony, home décor or gifts and vases. 

Have a look at our lovely colours! Click on the 'Sand Colours' link below to go to our Sand Colours page.

Wedding Unity Coloured Sand Ceremony Sets
Just as the grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the indidual container, so will the marriage be an inseparatble union. 

Have a look at our sand colours