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Candles for Ceremonies & Celebrations is a home based business, supplying beautiful personalised candles and brilliant coloured sand to make any ceremony more meaningful and memorable.

Coloured Sands for Ceremonies

Beautiful, vibrant, top quality, hand coloured sand in 30+ colours.

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We provide beautiful, flowing, vibrant sand in over 30 colours for your sand ceremony.   We buy excellent grade sand and colour it ourselves.  We then package it into 3 different size bags so you can purchase close to the correct amount of each colour.


You can choose from our large range of vases and purchase all the sand you need for your ceremony together.  You can even add an elegant, hand-made funnel to your order if you don't have one or want to make one yourself.


If you want to add that little extra bling to some or all of the colours, the optional added sparkle is bright, fun and gorgeous. 


With so many colours to choose from, the choice can be difficult. Ring Jacki for a free phone consultation on colour matching and quantities required for your ceremony.


Have a look at our lovely colours! Click on the 'Sand Colours' link below to go to our Sand Colours page.

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