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Candles for Ceremonies & Celebrations is a home based business, supplying beautiful personalised candles and brilliant coloured sand to make any ceremony more meaningful and memorable.

Memorial Candles

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A personalised memorial candle is a lovely touch to add to a funeral or memorial service.  Small replica candles can be made for guests also.

A touching sentiment for a loved one who has passed away is a beautiful personalised candle created in their memory.  A favourite photo or graphic can be included for extra meaning.  This can be given as a gift, kept as a display, or lit on anniversaries or other significant dates.

We work with you to create a beautiful, fitting candle to remember that special someone. We further personalise with the focus persons favourite  colours and possibly theme.

Wedding Memorial Candles

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Memorial Wedding Candles for a absent loved one on your Wedding Day.  Light at the beginning of the ceremony, a memorial candle flame burning is a visual and a symbolic way to include a loved one in your ceremony.

We work with you to create the perfect candles for your loved one!

Pet Memorial Candles

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We also specialise in Pet memorial candles, which are a great way to remember your furry, scaly (or otherwise) best friend.

We are a customised and individual crafted personalised candle service.  we work with you to design your candle, so you get a o individual design and ever lasting memory.

When we receive your order, our Designer will contact you to discuss your design and layout of your candle.  You can have any design, layout, graphics, fonts, colour of fonts, verses and photos on your candles. We will then send you your candle design proofs for approval once approved printing can commence.

Below is candle design and layout for choose from: 

Please note: Postage not included in above prices.