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Coloured Sand  -  Our Colour Range


For your Coloured Sand Ceremony at your Wedding, Naming Day or other occasion, choose from our large range of colours. These can represent your characteristics, have special meaning, match your theme/décor or just be your favourite colours

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Our sand is NOT imported from overseas. It is personally coloured by us with modern, stylish colours, using only top quality fine grain sand which makes it terrific to pour and great to look at!  The ever increasingly popular sand ceremony is a fantastic way to add that extra sentiment to your ceremony, using  colours to compliment you.

Include important family members in your ceremony as a symbol of togetherness.  Special people, such as children and parents become a significant part of your ceremony by adding their own colour to your Unity vase. 

The mixing of various sand colours is also a fitting way to symbolise a new ‘blended’ family. You can create a unique ceremony perfect for you.


We have a  range of Bottles for our sand, to create home decor, Sand Art gift.

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Sand is available in 4 bag sizes:

80gm Bags $3.00 $3.50
125gm Bags $4.00 $4.50


250gm Bags

$7.00 $7.5

500gm bags 





   cyansparklesand.jpg - small

    Sparkle is available with any colour and adds a little bling to your ceremony.

    Silver and Gold are supplied standard as sparkle colours unless otherwise requested.

If your order is URGENT, please let us know by telephone - we will confirm if we can fulfil your order in your timeframe.

Talk to your celebrant for information on beautiful words for use in your Coloured Sand to buy coloured sand.

We have photographed the colours to the best of our ability for you to see...they are as close as we can get them, just remember your computer may present them slightly differently and colours vary slightly from batch to batch.