Vases, Funnels & Bottle Sealing


We have a range of lovely vases available to purchase:


Mini Heart: $  4.50 each
Small Heart: $14.00 each
Medium Heart: $11.00 each
Large Heart: $20.00 each (Not Available)
Elegant $15.00 each
Chill $15.00 each
Cube $15.00 each
Twist $16.00 each
Gingy $15.00 each
Taper $  7.00 each
Square Vase $  7.00 each
Squiggly $  6.00 each
Pouring Vase N/A
Tube $  5.50 each
Incy $  0.75 each



Please note that Gingy has no screw cap but can be supplied with a cork lid.



To save a little money, you can choose to make your own funnel from nice paper, and this looks much nicer than a plastic kitchen funnel. Alternatively, we can supply you with one of our elegant, home-made funnels for $ 7.00 each. 



(coming soon)