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Candles for Ceremonies & Celebrations is a home based business, supplying beautiful personalised candles and brilliant coloured sand to make any ceremony more meaningful and memorable.

Vases, Funnels & Bottle Sealing



We have a range of lovely vases available to purchase:


Mini Heart:$ 4.50 each
Lil Heart: $ 9.00 each
Elegant$15.00 each
Chill$15.00 each
Twist$16.00 each
Gingy$15.00 each
Taper$  7.00 each
Squiggly$  6.00 each
Tube$  5.50 each
Incy$  0.75 each



Please note that Gingy has no screw cap but can be supplied with a cork lid.






Currently Un-available


(coming soon)