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Candles for Ceremonies & Celebrations is a home based business, supplying beautiful personalised candles and brilliant coloured sand to make any ceremony more meaningful and memorable.

Wedding Candles

We create beautiful, high quality personalised wedding candles as a lovely extra touch to add to your Wedding Day. We use high quality, Australian-made candles that are drip-free and smoke free, so they last.  We can match your colour theme and style and can attempt to design exactly what you have in mind.

Candle Light Unity Ceremonies

At a wedding, a Candle Lighting Unity Ceremony symbolically unity of two lifes as one.

Once the vows have been exchanged,  the two family candles are lit to symbolise the two separate lives, separate families and seaprate sets of freinds. Invite a family member from each family, to light the family  candles, using the flame from the family candles, the bride and groom lights their taper candles and together and  lights the unity candle. Lighting  the unity candle represents your two lives  are now being joined together as one.’ blessing of your union''. Your unity can be brought out and lit on each anniverary.

Wedding Unity Candles Set ( consists of  Unity Candle 23 x7, plus two  Family Candles 15x 6 and two  Taper Candles).

This set can be personalised with the bride and groom's names and artwork you would like. You can choose to have the traditional single Unity Candle or the set of three or set of five or change the set around to suit your unique ceremony.  We have many choices of colours, graphics, font, features and wording to choose from.




Single Unity Candle

A single large candle with bride and groom’s names and date of wedding – or anything else you would like.

General Wedding

If a Unity set isn’t quite your style, we can create something to suit you, contact us to discuss options.

 Thank You Gifts

We can also design small candles, complete with a personal thank you message for your wedding party or special people involved in your special day.

Wedding Memorial

You may like to have a memorial candle for absent loved ones on your wedding day. Lit at the beginning of the ceremony, a memorial candle flame burning is a visual and symbolic way to include a loved-one in your ceremony.


Bonbonierre candles are a perfect for place cards or a gift for guests at weddings. They are beautiful mementos for guests to keep, and can replicate your unity set or be individualised for each guest.